Blood Chant

by Better Pills

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Recorded in a basement during the winter times


released January 28, 2014

Andrew Sullivan: keyboards, Brent Gorton: bass & vocals, Meg Duffy: guitar & vocals, Phil Pascuzzo: drums. Art by Theresa Wallis. Thanks!



all rights reserved


Better Pills Albany, New York

Rocking out like it's 1979! Better Pills make cult music for cult members.

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Track Name: Knives
who are you? what do you want? they're pulling out my heart with knives i'm not answering you know i'm a liar there are a lot of things that i would like to tell you but they're pulling out my heart with knives and i'm not answering you know i'm a liar
Track Name: Breaking
i could take you home not without a struggle i am getting too old for getting into trouble i'm not saying it wouldn't be a mess but i can try i guess the better ones in life pick the side that's winning they can tell the odds right from the beginning i'm sorry i couldn't be your friend but i'll try if i can i'm not saying i could be a better man than i already am
Track Name: Pyramid Scheme
i've seen it all before they're walking out the door why should i care? unwilling to give in a moment they'll write their own thoughts over mine i've played this act for a long time it seemed all right for a while but it's really not it's falling apart and breaking and taking everything with it that i've got i'm tired tired of waiting by now the time should have come i've tried but apparently not hard enough pushing up against locked doors looking through windows of stores i can't afford maybe something will happen just once something nice that i could take home and think about instead of standing in line while everyone else gets exactly what they want i'm tired tired of waiting
Track Name: Battlefield
watching your head turn around in its orbit i can see you're sizing up your latest target they should know all of your tricks by now they're still lining up begging you to show them how chewing them up makes for a good career but why hold a draft when you've got volunteers i could have told them what it would be like expecting a kiss getting an air strike all right but you don't think know care the same old joke badly told going nowhere put away your guns you won't need them time is a weapon deadlier than any other you could design phoning your book getting no answer they're moving away as if you cause cancer from now on you'll have to do with a little less all in all i'd say it was a big success yeah i guess
Track Name: A Question of Why
i hear you talking to the mirror like you're talking with your friends by the time i get nearer the conversation ends i'd say you like to court danger walking alone in the park you'll sit by any stranger on a bench in the dark it's a question of why i always knew you could lie it's a question of why it's late according to the t.v. i'll watch another show i don't wonder what you're doing i don't care where you go for me it's a case of fascination i don't even think at all i'm not going to steam open your letters or record your incoming calls it's a question of why i always knew you could lie it's a question of why and i see you turning backwards counting one through ten when there's no beginning there can be no end that's how i always see you caught in an endless loop going backwards and forwards counting ten through zero
Track Name: Caroline
caroline it's fine if you want to stay the night i've got a room that's comfortable and i think you'll be all right i don't know why you scare me so is it something in your eyes? that makes me feel like you can tell what's going on in my mind oooo oooo your moving lips are telling me a secret i forgot your hands around my neck before i can drop i always said it would come to this if we went on for too long and now it's finally happening you can't say i was wrong watching pictures by satellite i don't think i can make it through the night
Track Name: Freezing Car
driving around in a freezing car playing the songs that we both love i know it's late but what if i dropped by you said i should if i were ever in town it's easy to go far in the middle of the night there's no one to get in your way only the snow and the frozen trees reflections of things you don't see in the day driving i think of home i wonder if anyone notices i'm gone i'm a thousand miles away
Track Name: Dream
dream your life away there's no tomorrow as good as today the things you wanted will never be close life's much better with your eyes closed so dream your life away there's no tomorrow as good as today